About Us

Depleted of strains and need to acquire satisfaction the life, DevParv Astrology has answers for every one of the inconveniences. We are one of the overruling suppliers of Astro Services, Professional Numerology administrations, We are  professional Vedic Astrologer having more than 20 years of experience and served as a Web Consultant Astrologer  in Ganeshaspeaks a Corporate company (Shri Bejan Daruwala). We do provide trustworthy  best  possible solutions on the basis of the birth details / horoscope  for the potential clients who have been facing various problems or having confusion in their life and have been remaining in tension for number of years.

Our charges differ as per the requirement of potential client. We charge reasonable amount for the prediction / guidance  perhoroscope and for other related services. I do provide certain solutions  to solve the problem bysuggesting certain "Vidhi" which can be performed by  himself /herself at lower cost. You may contact us for matters  like Family Dispute, Loss of Wealth, Ancestral Property, Property Dispute, Sale or Purchase of  Property / Vehicle, Birth of Child, Health Issues, Longer Illness, Lottery, Investment, Speculation trading, Job or Business, Change of Job, Promotion, Transfer, Success in Love, Arranged or love Marriage, Divorce, Win or Loss Court Matters, Education, Higher Education, Career Option, Foreign Tours, Religious Tours, Visa to Foreign Countries, Operations/ Hospitalization, Spiritual life, Accident, Fear from Police or Law Matters, Litigation, Relations with Sibling / Parents, Relations with father and mother in law, Relations with Son or Daughter, Son in Laws Daughter in laws etc.

We do provide Remedies (suggesting to wear Gemstone or Yantras for Graha Dosha Nivarana, Pitru Dosha, Remedies for Nivarana of Vish Dosha Yoga, Kaalsarpa Dosha Yoga, Grahan Dosha Yoga, Angarak Dosha Yoga, Shapit Dosha Yoga, Chandal Dosha Yoga etc.

Our Services 
We offer a wide range of administrations that incorporates: 

  • Astrological Services 
  • Numerology Consultancy Services 
  • Palm Line Reading Services 
  • Vastu administrations 
  • Puja Vidhi

Customer's Satisfaction 

Conjecture and forecasts given by us has changed the life of limitless personages by bringing them favorable luck. To give finish fulfillment to the significant customers, we offer arrangements and cures in a lovely way. We investigate every possibility in comprehension the correct requirements of the customers, therefore we give the best answers for their issues.

Astrological Service :- This will include Astrological analysis / investigation of Horoscope and providing best possible solution for various problems faced by potential client on the basis of his / her Birth (horoscope)  details who have been facing various problems or having confusion in their life and have been remaining in tension. Also providing Remedies (suggesting to wear Gemstones or Yantras or Rudrakshas or Daivik Pooja) for different Graha/ Yoga Dosha Nivarana. We do provide certain solutions to solve the problem by suggesting certain "Vidhi" which can be performed by  himself / herself at lower cost. We also provide services for “ Muhurt” to celebrate all ceremonies like, marriage, grah pravesh, baby shower etc.

Prashna Jyotish :- Prashan Kundali is prepared on the basis of Prashna /Question asked by a person related to his/ her problem at particular date and time and guidance/ solution is provided. 

Gemstone, Rudraksh or Yantra :- We suggest to wear Gemstones, Rudrakshas and Yantras after analyzing the horoscope of clients. We carry out procedural cleanse, energize and attune them to make directly wearable by customer. Original Gemstone, Rudrakshas and silver/gold plated or copper Yantras are also available with us if needed. I will be available on my Whatsapp M. No. 9428422613 and Email id devraksha05@gmail.com

Palmistry :- We also analyze Hastrekhas and guide accordingly but in this case person is to come personally after taking appointment in advance.


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